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Faculty and Staff FAQ:

Test and Exam Services (TES) is the department at the University of Toronto that is responsible for coordinating quiz, term test, and final exam accommodations for students with documented disabilities who are registered with Accessibility Services (AS) on the St. George Campus.

Working collaboratively with Accessibility Services and the institution's faculty and staff, Test and Exam Services plays a vital role in the execution of the University of Toronto's commitment to accessibility. TES administers quizzes, tests, and exams for students with documented disabilities enrolled in any department, any faculty, and any level of study at the University of Toronto, St. George Campus. During the 2015-2016 academic year, TES coordinated, administered and proctored more than 16,000 quizzes, tests, and exams for the University of Toronto, St. George Campus.

Accessibility Services

  • Collects, assesses, and retains students' disability-related medical documentation and assessment results
  • Conducts learning disability assessments
  • Determines which academic accommodations, if any, are warranted on a case-by-case basis
  • Approves students with disabilities for individualized academic accommodation plans
  • Accessibility Services outlines test/exam accommodations, but does not coordinate test/exam accommodation services nor oversee the administration of tests/exams.

Test and Exam Services

  • Coordinates and administers the tests/exams of students with disabilities who are registered with and assigned accommodations by Accessibility Services on the St. George Campus
  • Trains, schedules, and supervises proctoring staff
  • Manages adaptive furniture, equipment, and technology within the Test/Exam Centre (EX340)
  • Oversees immediate response to common incidents that occur in this population of students, including anxiety, illness, medical emergency, and exam abandonment
  • Advises students with regard to the university's examination policies and procedures (e.g. exam deferral)
  • Test and Exam Services coordinates test/exam accommodations and proctors tests/exams, but does not assess students' documentation nor assign students test/exam accommodations.

Please see Test and Exam Services' website for contact information. TES' administration office is staffed during business hours - weekdays 8:45 AM to 5:00 PM (September through June) and 8:45 AM to 4:30 PM (July and August).

Test and Exam Services will contact you at the e-mail address affiliated with your course in ROSI which is often your University-issued e-mail address ( Please check your University e-mail address regularly. If you choose, you may change the settings on your University e-mail account to forward messages automatically to your preferred e-mail account.

TES coordinates more than 16,000 tests/exams annually for the University of Toronto, St. George Campus. The integrity of the examination process is of the utmost priority. Strict security measures are in place to protect the confidentiality of test/exam materials.

Generally, accommodated tests/exams are administered inside of the University of Toronto's Exam Centre at 255 McCaul Street. Exam Room 340 is designated for this purpose. During busier midterm and exam periods, alternate locations on campus may be utilized.

Highly-qualified graduate students at the University of Toronto act as invigilators for students who write tests/exams with TES. TES' invigilators undergo an intensive training process and are specifically trained to administer tests/exams to students with disabilities in accordance with the University of Toronto's examination policies and procedures. They are trained to balance academic accommodation needs with academic integrity.

Every student who writes tests/exams with TES has an individualized academic accommodation plan. The amount of additional writing time authorized, if any, is determined by Accessibility Services (AS) on a student-by-student basis based on the student's disability and documentation.

TES works in close partnership with Computing and Networking Services (CNS) to ensure that the university-issued computers to which some students have access during tests/exams are secure. The computers are password-protected; software access is restricted based on each student's unique authorized academic accommodation requirements; USB ports are locked; and internet access is disabled.

The majority of accommodated tests/exams are administered at the same times as the regularly-scheduled class sittings. That said, the University of Toronto allows for specific exceptions to be made within established parameters when a student's assigned test/exam accommodations prohibit him/her from writing a test/exam at the same time as his/her classmates. In these cases, TES is required to reschedule the test/exam to comply with the student's accommodations as outlined by Accessibility Services (AS). When a quiz or term test is rescheduled by TES for disability-related reasons, the course instructor or the designated departmental contact is notified of the rescheduling. This notification is included in the automated quiz or term test request e-mail. For a rescheduled final exam, the faculty through which the course is offered is notified.

Academic accommodations have been deemed necessary by Accessibility Services (AS) based on the student's disability and documentation. A student's individualized academic accommodation plan is established by AS and coordinated by TES.

If a student has academic accommodations assigned by Accessibility Services (AS), it is the student's right to write all quizzes/tests/exams with TES if s/he chooses to do so. Please note that TES does regularly administer tests/exams involving audio-visual components, aural/oral components, lab components, and computer software requirements.

Only students with disabilities who are registered with Accessibility Services (AS) are eligible to write tests/exams with TES.

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